Portraits are a great way to capture a moment in the life of the subject and create memories to last a lifetime.


What better way to capture the joy of your family than whilst you are at play, a loved one in a moment of contemplation and reflection, the laughter of happiness and cheekiness of a child, a tender moment with a loved one, or your baby at sleep. It's moments like this that we all take for granted but when captured in a photograph will provide you with memories for years to come.


Our portrait style is one that captures the true character of the subject and the best way to capture that natural look is to have our subjects in a relaxed environment.


We recommend our portrait sessions be in your home or in outdoor surroundings such as your local park or the local picnic area. In fact our best portrait shoots have been done right in the home as our subjects have been carrying on with their daily routines.


Some ideas to make your portrait sessions a wonderful experience

  • One person or the whole family in a semi formal setting or in natural surroundings
  • 'Up close and personal' to capture the character and facial features of the person close up
  • Pregnancy shoot for the mum to be or couples
  • Showing off your pride and joy - car, motor cycle, a hairstyle, at work or renovating your home...these are just some ideas to make the end result a reflection of who you are
  • Stylised shoot using make-up or elaborate hair design, realistic, idealistic, dreamy, glamour or boudoir for individuals or couples
  • Swimsuit or model shoots at your local river or beach
  • Specialised lighting to create mood

All these ideas can be translated into colour or black and white images and our post processing techniques will create some amazing results that you will love!


See our recent work here.


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